National Mustang Club of America Show – Asheville, NC

I just returned from a trip to the National MCA show in Asheville, NC. This was the first Mustang show of any kind for our great little K Code convertible, Jack the owner, and me.

The event was plagued by rain & thunderstorms, but somehow the sponsoring club, the Blue Ridge Mustang Club, was able to pull it off flawlessly – an amazing feat.

Being somewhat “long of tooth”, I’ve become somewhat intolerant, & not much of a “club type of guy” but was overwhelmed by the club officials, members, fellow participants, and most especially, the judges, who seemed to bend over backwards to assist us rookies in preparing for the show. They said they were “here to help”, & having spent nearly 30 years in corporate America, I had my own interpretation on what that meant………..I was “dead wrong”. They were there to help, and help they did. Special thanks to Jeff, Fred and Richard.

It was a long weekend, and my own internal stress over the car & lack of sleep didn’t do much for my body, but a gold medal offered a lot of relief, a happy customer, a much better trip home, and the ability to focus on some of the little stuff we missed in preparing the car.   A great experience.  Will post pictures of the K Code soon.

By the way, our tip on correcting “warp” in Pony/Deluxe door panels outlined in a previous blog seems to have done the trick. Our girl Bella (67 Mustang S code GTA fastback), still displays flat (unwarped) deluxe door panels & is happy as a clam. So are we.