Bella (beautiful in Italian) is being resurrected & we hope to capture some pictures of the process. We’re not too good at taking pictures, but this car is definitely worth the effort.

 Bella started out as a 1967 “S” code fastback & has had a rough life. All sheet metal (including her roof) and frame rails have been replaced. We were able to save her VIN #’s on the aprons, which were “double stamped” (same #’s but actually stamped twice, which we thought was kind of unique).

 A lot of stripping, cutting, welding & grinding, but she’s been through epoxy, primer, blocking (more epoxy, primer & blocking), has been “jambed”, floors have been sprayed top & bottom with UPOL Raptor, engine bay painted & she’s now in the paint booth as I type getting her “layered gown” of burgundy & clearcoat.

 Her 9″ rear end & other parts have just been returned from powder coating & we’ve been cleaning & detailing other parts for several weeks so that things are ready for the long assembly process ahead.

 Look for pictures posted under “Bella” (although I sometimes refer to her as the Beautiful Phoenix).