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ofi Classic Cars is an automotive restoration shop in the metro Atlanta area specializing in pre-1974 vehicles. We offer everything from minor repairs to full frame-off restoration of collectable cars and trucks, including chassis, drivetrain, electrical, body, paint, and upholstery

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A job you’re passionate about

April 14, 2013

Passion I often hear, “it must be great to have job doing something you’re passionate about.” I’m never quite sure what they mean. Is it some sort of “grass is always greener” comment that probably says more about their job than mine? Or, as I sometimes fear, is it about the misconception that because I  Continue Reading »

A man of vision

September 7, 2012

A customer brought in a 1937 Ford that his Dad had worked on over the years.  We cleaned up the distributor contacts & discovered that Dad had done an upgrade so that an universal coil could be used rather than the old type that was built into the old distributor.   Good idea.  Originally this  Continue Reading »

Headlight switch on 1037 Ford blows fuse

September 5, 2012

The headlight switch on the ’37 Ford is attached to the bottom of the steering column – a unique switch that turns power on & off and runs lights, low beam & high beam when the lever on the steering wheel is moved. A long rod runs from that lever down through the middle of  Continue Reading »