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ofi Classic Cars is an automotive restoration shop in the metro Atlanta area specializing in pre-1974 vehicles. We offer everything from minor repairs to full frame-off restoration of collectable cars and trucks, including chassis, drivetrain, electrical, body, paint, and upholstery

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National Mustang Club of America – Gold

July 11, 2013

National Mustang Club of America Show – Asheville, NC I just returned from a trip to the National MCA show in Asheville, NC. This was the first Mustang show of any kind for our great little K Code convertible, Jack the owner, and me. The event was plagued by rain & thunderstorms, but somehow the  Continue Reading »

Pony/Deluxe Door Panels

April 16, 2013

Mustang Pony/Deluxe door panels warping These things have to be the curse of the interior restoration process. The problem seems to be that the panels themselves are thicker than standard door panels to accommodate the arm rests & other trim pieces, and when the vinyl and arm rests are installed on the panels, due to  Continue Reading »

Bella’s Got Heart

February 23, 2013

After a couple of months of chasing parts (interior, exterior, wiring, etc.) & associated installation, we finally dropped in the newly rebuilt 390 and C6 transmission. Yes, she’s a real “S” code GTA. We broke the engine in on Saturday & had more than the usual fun and excitement. Engine “break-ins” are always kind of  Continue Reading »

How seriously should I take the Mustang forums I see?

March 31, 2012

Read & enjoy them for what they are – some good information but primarily entertainment. Some guy will start a thread on changing out to poly motor mounts, you’ll get 12 different opinions from 8 different guys, & the next thing you know they’re arguing about whether or not a 66 K code had disc  Continue Reading »

Running hot – how reliable are the gauges on my car?

March 29, 2012

Gauges are notoriously inaccurate. It sounds like it’s working & we can check it with a laser temp gun, but I suspect it’s OK & if it overheats, it will let you know by pegging in the hot range & boiling over. Sometimes (me included) put a little too much coolant into a radiator &  Continue Reading »

Valvoline VR1 Oil

March 26, 2012

I also changed the oil last weekend, putting in Valvoline VR1 with a Purolator filter. I realized afterwards that the bottles were synthetic. Should I drain the synthetic and put conventional back in the car?   The oil isn’t going to hurt anything.  Just wait for your next oil change. We use Shell Rotella 15/40 in all our vehicles.  Continue Reading »

Spark Plug Problems

March 24, 2012

My buddy determined that the reason for the spark plugs leaking was that they were simply loose. He tightened them properly when we changed them out last weekend and the leaks appear to be gone now.   Good to have a car buddy – no engine re-build ($5K) & no transmission re-build ($1200). Buy him  Continue Reading »